Active Components

Om Electronics is a leading supplier for a wide range of active electronic components like Microcontrollers, Amplifiers, A2D and D2A converters, Clock & Timing devices, Data devices, Diodes, Embedded Devices, Interface, Logic IC’s, Memory devices, Multiplexers, Power management devices, Temperature sensors, Transistors and Voltage regulators.

We have entered into strategic tie-ups and partnerships with some of the leading active electronic components manufacturers and OEMs across the globe. Such associations enable us to offer cuttingedge products at the best rates and exceptionally short turnaround times.

Products Brand
ARM Processors Texas Instruments, Atmel, NXP
Digital Signal Processors (DSP) Texas Instruments , Analog Device, NXP
Microcontroller (MCU) Atmel, Microchip, NXP,Cypress, Texas Instrument, ST, Maxim
Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) CPLD Xilinx & Altera
A/D & D/A converters Texas Instruments, Analog Device, NXP,ST
Amplifier & Linear Texas Instruments, NXP ,ST
Logic Texas Instruments, NXP, National Semi , ST
Power Management Texas Instruments, Analog Device,ST, NXP, HTC
Memory (SRAM, DRAM, Flash) Cypress, MXIC, Spansion
Optocoupler Avago, Fairchild, Sharp, Everlight, NXP
Touch controller Atmel